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Putting pen to paper is like sprouting wings—anything is possible—that’s why I love being a writer. Nothing is better than knowing something I’ve written made someone laugh or smile, whether it’s a children’s story, essay or humorous story. When I’m not writing, I can be found at my day job working in mergers and acquisitions or traveling with my family (nearly 30 countries and counting), backpacking, running and adult gymnastics. After living 8 years in Australia and New Zealand, we've finally settled down in sunny San Diego.

I am thrilled to share that two of my short stories, Kamikaze Bees and Discontent with Contentment have been accepted into the San Diego Writers Guild, 2019 Guilded Pen Anthology. BAM Writes will also feature one of my Flash Fiction pieces in their upcoming 42 Stories Anthology. Scroll down and take a look at some of my recently published stories and learn a bit about my upcoming book, A Collection of Curious Confessions.

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Mr. Malaprop- by Amy Wall

The following piece has been published in the online journal, Chaleur Magazine, a publication by Chaleur Press. It is the home for creations that are restless and spread their own brands of turbulence. It has also been published in the journal Inlandia: A Literary Journal.

He stood in front of the mirror with his arms raised straight above his head. His fists were clenched, arm muscles tensed. “I AM IMPOTENT, I AM IMPOTENT, I AM IMPOTENT,” he asserted.

It was a daily ritual. He felt powerful when he said it. After precisely twenty repetitions, he unclenched his fists and relaxed, taking a full breath that made his six-pack swell. He turned, found his clothes and got dressed.


my masterpiece - by amy wall

The following piece was recently published in Chaleur Magazine

When I am writing, connecting to “the flow,” I feel like I am creating a masterpiece.  Words come to me with lightning speed, and my fingers move furiously across the keyboard as if I’m Chopin composing his “Revolutionary Etude.”  When it’s done, I sit back and review the brilliance I’ve created, savouring every word.  Every sentence is like butter.  The pieces come together perfectly like the ingredients in the best fudge I’ve ever tasted.  It is my best work ever—every time.  A true masterpiece.


A Collection of Curious Confessions - by amy wall

A Collection of Curious Confessions is an assortment of short stories that all have one thing in common—they tell of the extraordinarily ridiculous events in Amy’s life. It is guaranteed to entertain and make you laugh. Warning—you may relate more than you will be willing to admit.

For more information about Amy or to learn more about A Collection of Curious Confessions, reach out to Amy directly by clicking on the Contact Me Button.